The Best iPad Keyboard for Professionals and Casual Users


When Apple launched its first tablet in 2015, the company’s goal was immediately clear. Essentially, they were looking to create a device that could perform as well as a laptop. However, they also wanted it to be convenient to carry around. Still, the iPad devices are tablets, which comes with certain disadvantages.

Namely, there’s the fact that you have to write by typing on the touchscreen. Obviously, that means that you wouldn’t be able to feel where your fingers are on the screen. So if you’re an accomplished touch typer, those skills can’t really shine if there are no keys to touch.

The lack of tactile keyboards is the one thing that’s keeping iPads from perfection. Well, if you’re looking for the best iPad keyboard on the market — you’ve come to the right place. But before you see the options, let’s talk about some of the general things you ought to know before you get your keyboard.

How to Shop for the Best iPad Keyboard

Obviously, the first thing you’ll want to consider when getting a keyboard for your iPad is the device model. Some of the products on the list of recommendations below should work well with most Apple products. However, most of them are only compatible with the 9.7-inch iPad devices — and some are even more exclusive.

Most people would also imagine the best iPad keyboard as pretty slim. And, to be fair, most of them are fairly thin, in order to make them portable. Still, there are certain advantages to using larger keyboards as well. For example, if your fingers aren’t nimble enough to navigate small keys — or you’re simply used to the setup of your regular keyboard — you can pretty much use any Bluetooth-enabled keyboard.

On the other hand, you’ll note that some of the products on the list below are actually a part of a case that’s supposed to turn your iPad into a mini laptop computer. Those cases can have various other features on top of having a keyboard connection, such as backlit keys or different kinds of screen rotation.

Best iPad Keyboard You Could Take to Work

best ipad keyboard for work

If you go looking for the best iPad keyboard on the market, you’ll probably run into the same two kinds of keyboards that are on this list. The first three products here are external keyboards that should be compatible with most iPad models. The rest of the list will be different kinds of keyboard cases.

OMOTON Ultra-Slim Bluetooth Keyboard

The OMOTON Bluetooth keyboard comes highly recommended — and since it’s an external keyboard, it’s actually compatible with all Apple products. You could use it on all the iPad devices and even on your iPhone. In fact, the white version of the keyboard will look pretty natural next to your other Apple products. However, if that’s not your style, there’s also a black version.

The device is 11.2 inches long and 4.7 inches wide, and 0.2 inches thick. However, it does have a thicker bump under the top edge to keep it slanted. The keyboard has the traditional QWERTY layout, and it even includes some hotkeys for volume, music control, and brightness. You’ll just need to replace its AAA batteries every month or so, and you should be all set.

Logitech Bluetooth Multi-Device Keyboard K480

If you’ve ever had to buy any peripherals for your computer, you probably know the Logitech brand. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that this 11.8 by 7.7-inch thick keyboard made it to this list. However, this Bluetooth-enabled external keyboard isn’t just for iPads. It’s also compatible with Windows and Android devices. In fact, it can actually connect to 3 devices at the same time — which you can switch between using the dial in the upper left corner above the keys.

Like the previous product, this one is available in both black and white versions. However, the most interesting feature here is the long ridge above the keys, which you can use as a stand for your iPad, as long as it’s under 0.4 inches thick and 10 inches wide. The battery should also last for about a year, according to the manufacturer.

Nulaxy KM13 Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard with Sliding Stand

The Nulaxy Bluetooth Keyboard is another product that’s compatible with Windows, Android, and Apple devices. The keyboard is 5 inches wide and 11.2 inches long, and from 0.2 to 0.5 inches thick. Basically, it has everything you’d want it to have. However, the one feature that’s worth noting here is the device stand that slides out from the bottom of the keyboard.

Now, while you could put your phone there in either the horizontal or vertical position, you’ll need to keep your tablets horizontal, because the keyboard would topple over otherwise. The keyboard uses 2 AAA batteries, which you’ll have to change every 3 months or so.

New Trent Airbender Star iPad Keyboard Case

Unlike the previous products on this list, keyboard cases aren’t going to be compatible with just any iPad. However, this one from New Trent should fit any 9.7-inch device. The case is attached to the keyboard with a central metal hinge, which can rotate a full 360 degrees. It’s also completely detachable — and you can also lock it in place if you don’t want it to come off on its own.

Moreover, the case also has a metal stand in the back, allowing you to use the keyboard at a more comfortable angle. On the right side of the keyboard, there’s a micro USB charging port. There’s also a security tab you can use to secure the case when you close it.

GreenLaw iPad Keyboard Case

The GreenLaw case is similar to the previous one on this list, in that it has a central hinge with 360-degree rotation. It can also fit pretty much any 9.7-inch Apple device. However, there are three major differences. Firstly, this keyboard case can also flip completely over, so you can still use your iPad in tablet mode.

There are also 7 color options for the case, instead of just the classic black. Lastly, the most striking features of this case are the keys themselves, which can be backlit in one of 7 colors. Even with the backlighting on, though, the keyboard battery should last about 3 months.

YEKBEE iPad Keyboard Case with Backlit Keys

The YEKBEE keyboard case is another product that basically turns your iPad into a laptop. Like the previous ones you’ve seen, the case itself connects to the keyboard with a hinge that allows it to swivel and flip 360 degrees. It also has auto sleep/wake functions, so your iPad will go into sleep mode when you close the case and wake when you open it.

Like the previous product, this one has 7 colors of backlighting options. However, unlike the previous keyboard, this one can also use all of those colors at once to make a rainbow effect. Lastly, the case comes in 3 colors — although the keys remain black in all of them.

NOKBABO iPad Keyboard Case

If you don’t really need all that swivel and rotation, then this product will be the best iPad keyboard for you. It just offers a straightforward conversion into a laptop, so you’ll be able to adjust the angle to about 130 degrees and no further. The case and the keyboard are both made from an aluminum alloy — and the back will even let the Apple logo peek through. There are 3 colors that would fit the 9.7-inch iPad — silver, black, and pink.

Alpatronix KX100 Leather Folio Case with Removable Keyboard

Unlike the previous keyboard cases on the list, which would give your iPad the appearance of an actual laptop, this one really looks like a folio cover when it’s all folded up. The folio cover also acts as a stand when you have the iPad in laptop mode. Furthermore, this keyboard is magnetic — and fully removable. So you can also use the folio cover on its own or position the iPad separately from the keyboard. In addition to the black leather exterior, you can also get this product in pink. Like with the previous keyboard cases, this one comes with a micro USB charging cable.

COO iPad Keyboard Case

The COO iPad keyboard case has many of the same features as the previous product on the list. However, it certainly has more color options, for both the exterior of the case and the color of the keyboard itself. Aside from the 7 color options — some of which even include backlit keys — everything else is pretty much what you’d expect. The keyboard is magnetized, Bluetooth-enabled, and it has its own battery. And, the folio can also activate the iPad’s auto sleep/wake feature.

Vivefox iPad Keyboard + Leather Case

Finally, there’s only one more keyboard case to talk about. This folio case from Vivefox has a detachable wireless keyboard which has an aluminum core wrapped in the same PU leather you see on the exterior of the case. The cover of the case is magnetic as well, so it can trigger the auto sleep feature on the iPad. However, it should be noted that the folio itself doesn’t have viewing angle adjustments. Instead, there’s a single kickstand in the back of the case which doesn’t really have a huge range of motion.

Final Thoughts on Finding the Best iPad Keyboard for You

Ultimately, the most important thing to consider when looking for the best iPad keyboard is the way you intend to use it. If you don’t need to carry it around, you could choose any Bluetooth-enabled keyboard you find, even one that isn’t the same size as the iPad.

On the other hand, a compact size could only help if you need to take your iPad to the office. As to whether or not you need a keyboard case, that’s a matter of personal preference. However, as convenient as it is to have a keyboard that’s attached to your iPad, it also makes you hunch over to look at the screen, just like a laptop would. So figure out how you usually use your keyboard and get the product that corresponds to those habits.

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