The Best iPad Case — Safety and Style!


If you’re a pragmatic tech user, you probably like to focus more on your gadgets’ features, rather than on their appearance. You may even be one of those people who actively avoid customizing their devices with a case. However, cases aren’t only aesthetic — they’re also functional. So even if your personal style is rather understated, you’ll definitely find the best iPad case for you today.

After all, the fact of the matter remains: many of your gadgets are pretty difficult to hold on to. The smooth surface on the back of the devices often causes them to slip off your hands and crash to the ground. Fortunately, there’s a simple — and stylish — way to prevent your iPad from slipping from your grip.

If you’re someone who uses their iPad for work, you don’t want to be stranded with a cracked device. Luckily, the whole point of this article is to present the top ten cases you can get for your device. But first, there are some things you ought to know before you start looking for the best iPad case on the market.

How to Find the Best iPad Case for You

Getting your hands on the best iPad case on the market may seem like a simple enough task. However, there’s more to it than blindly pointing at one of the many options you have at your disposal.

First, you have to make sure that the case you’re looking at will fit your iPad. All of the products on the list below should fit the newest generations of iPads perfectly. Specifically, the 2017 and 2018 iPads both have the same general dimensions, measuring in at 9.7 inches diagonally. So if your own device is any smaller or larger than that — you may want to look into iPad mini or iPad Pro cases.

Additionally, having a case on your iPad can prevent many unfortunate accidents. As you’re probably aware, glass touchscreens are particularly vulnerable to cracking. The right case should be able to protect your iPad from breaking when it accidentally drops. However, there are other aesthetic and functional features you might want to consider when looking for the best iPad case.

Basic Features

A good case can certainly be an attractive addition to your tech. It can also be a nice way to refresh the look of your device. And, if you become bored of one case, you can easily switch it out. Furthermore, aside from giving you a chance to express your individuality, the appearance of a case can also impact its functionality.

Some cases have flap covers — even ones that can make the screen activate and go into sleep mode when you open and close them. On the other hand, some cases are more similar to the typical cellphone case, just hugging the sides and the back of the iPad. It’s also worth noting that some of the cases on the list have pocket compartments and stylus holders. So if that’s something you anticipate needing, those products might be good options for you.

In fact, you may already have a specific idea of what constitutes the best iPad case in your mind. Depending on your needs, that idea could even include special features. For example, if you find yourself frequently having to type on your iPad, you ought to consider getting a cover that includes a keyboard. Even though iPad keyboards are usually on the smaller side, having something tactile to type on is better than trying to write on a flat touchscreen. Those are certainly a great option for people who use their iPads for school or work.

Best iPad Case for Any Kind of User

best ipad case for any users

You’ll find that the products on the list below are not only high-quality items but also quite diverse. This list includes various types of cases with different designs, so you’ll definitely be able to find the best iPad case for you today! The following product lineup will be sectioned into several categories, beginning with trifold cover cases.

ESR iPad 9.7 Lightweight Trifold Stand

The ESR iPad case is just about the most basic trifold flip cover you could find while still having the most important functional features. Like all the other products on this list, the case will only fit 5th and 6th generation iPads.

Moreover, this case also consists of two parts — as many of these kinds of products do. The part that goes on the back of the device is made of a hard PC frame. On the other hand, the flap cover that goes over the screen is significantly softer, with a microfiber lining on the inside and a PU leather exterior. These materials are ideal for protecting your iPad from scratches or even just more benign marks like fingerprints.

However, the case covers have other uses as well. For one, the cover that goes over the screen has built-in magnets that allow it to stay in place. Furthermore, those same magnets also play a part in the case’s automatic sleep or wake function, which is triggered by moving the cover flap. Additionally, the trifold flap can also double as an iPad stand.

If you’d prefer an understated case that would match most of your other accessories, you can choose a black, gray, or navy case. Even a gold or a rose gold one might be considered neutral. However, there are other fun colors as well, including red, purple, pink, sky blue, and mint. In all, there are 10 solid colors to choose from.

DTTO iPad 9.7 Trifold Case

If you wanted to get a trifold case, but the previous product wasn’t quite what you were looking for, this DTTO case may be more your style.

According to the manufacturer, the pattern inside the soft TPU back cover will offer your iPad more protection. Apparently, the air cushion technology and honeycomb design offer better shock absorption. They’re also supposed to allow the heat the iPad produces to dissipate.

However, the screen cover is basically the same as the previous one on this list. It has a synthetic leather exterior and microfiber lining to protect the screen from scratches. The cover can also fold over into a triangle to prop the iPad up. And, like with the previous product on this list, it can automatically cause the screen to wake or sleep.

The product is available in 9 solid colors that can come with or without matching stylus holders. Unlike some other products that have a similar feature, this stylus holder is completely detachable, so you can put it over the flap of the case cover. Additionally, you could also get these cases with a picture printed on the cover. Your options are a photo of the ocean, a nighttime cityscape, watercolor-style peach flowers, or Van Gogh’s The Starry Night.

MoKo iPad 9.7 Trifold Case

If you liked the last two products, you’ll definitely love this one as well. The Moko trifold case is a regular folding case with a cover that has two folding lines, allowing you to create a stand for your iPad. The cover also has magnets in it, which means that you’ll be able to automatically wake your device simply by opening the cover. As with the other products, the covers have a PU leather exterior and microfiber lining.

The difference between this product and the previous two is in the details. Unlike the previous two cases, this one has a transparent, frosted back. So the color of your iPad will be visible — as will that recognizable Apple logo. The hardback cases have a slight tint to them, depending on the color you choose.

Speaking of which, this product comes in 11 solid colors and 20 versions with images printed on the cover. Some of the prints are floral, while others depict illustrations or famous works of art.

Fintie iPad 9.7 Multi-Angle Viewing Folio Cover w/ Pocket

This Fintie iPad case is another basic folio-style case with an automatic wake function. So, just like with the previous products, your iPad screen will light up when you go to open the case.

However, this case doesn’t have a trifold cover, like the previous ones on this list. Instead, this product has a hard cover with three anti-slip stripes on the inside of the screen cover. Those stripes allow you to adjust the viewing angle of the iPad.

The materials that make up this product are similar to those that make up the previous one. Namely, you’ll have the matte PU leather on the outside and the iPad’s bezels, as well as the three anti-slip stripes. The rest of the material on the inside of the case is soft microfiber to protect the screen from scratches.

When you close the case, you’ll notice the wavy line going down the cover. That’s a pocket large enough for any cash, cards, or documents you might need to carry with you. Lastly, the case also has an elastic pen holder jutting out on the side, so you’ll never misplace your stylus.

The case comes in 13 solid colors, as well as 4 dual-color options. Most of those would be perfectly acceptable even in the most professional settings. However, the cover can also have 19 different images printed on it, with floral, cosmic, and artistic motifs.

Ztotop iPad 9.7 PU Leather Folio Cover

If you didn’t find the right leather folio cover for you in the previous review, you may find it here. The Ztotop case looks fairly similar to the previous product, with a few key differences. Still, let’s start with the similarities.

Well, this case has the same general shape as the previous one. It has a pocket in the front and a magnetic closure that triggers the wake and sleep functions. Additionally, it also has the small elastic stylus holder on the right.

The most notable difference here is in the appearance of the product. Like many others, the back cover is made of a hard PC material. The exterior material is a durable PU leather fabric. However, unlike the previous product, this leather imitation is shiny, rather than matte.

The inside is still made from a soft microfiber material that covers the 2 stripes that will let you set the viewing angle. So your screen will be completely protected at all times. Lastly, this case also has an elastic cover holder attached to the back of the case, which you can flip over to hold the case closed. Lastly, there are also some differences in the color selection of the previous two products. This one is available in 13 solid colors, although some of them have a marble pattern.

I4UCase iPad 9.7 Soft Leather Folio Case with Pockets

Let’s see another folio case before you go on to the next category. The I4UCase is certainly the best iPad case if you often find yourself having to drag a bunch of paperwork wherever you go with your case.

Not only does this product have a front pocket, but it also has two card holder slots on the inside. The interior of the cover is actually very professional-looking as well, covered in a soft, caramel-colored material. However, the exterior is made of PC leather, available in 8 gorgeous colors. The one linked above is a dual-color case with matte black and brown leather on the outside, and the light brown interior.

All the other features you’ll need are present and accounted for. There are 2 stripes on the inside, so 2 viewing angles as well. The case also has a magnetic closure. Overall, it’s a perfectly respectable option for the professional on the go.

YEKBEE Keyboard Case for iPad 9.7

The last flip cover style case you may want to see is actually a keyboard case. Essentially, the YEKBEE case turns your iPad into a laptop. Aside from the laptop position, you can also use the cover as a stand by putting it cover-down on a table, or in a tent position. Additionally, you can flip it completely over to use the iPad as a regular tablet. The hard shell back of the tablet is connected to the keyboard at a single point, allowing it to turn 360 degrees around its axis.

Other than the 10-color backlit keyboard, the case also has all of the other trappings you’re used to, such as the auto wake/sleep feature. It also comes with a separate charging cable for the keyboard. The product is available in 7 different colors, including rose gold, emerald, and purple, in addition to all the standard colors.

YOUMAKER iPad 9.7 Case with a Kickstand and a Screen Protector

Now, let’s get to the next stop on this quest to find the best iPad case: kickstand cases. The YOUMAKER case is a heavy-duty case that consists of two parts that click together along the sides of the iPad. The polycarbonate and TPU materials are a mix of hard and soft textures that should protect your iPad from harm. The case also has a screen protector which completely covers the front of the iPad. However, the overlay won’t stop your Apple pencil from working.

Even though the design is fairly simple, this case should effectively prevent any harm from coming to your iPad. It’s available in 8 different colors and color combinations, most of which have a matte metallic sheen to them.

SUPCASE iPad 9.7 Rugged Protective Case with Screen Protector

If the previous kickstand case didn’t appeal to you, this one certainly will. The SUPCASE case is another product that essentially provides full-coverage protection while not preventing you from interacting with your device. It has a screen protector layer that goes on top of the iPad and a shock-absorbing back casing. The back casing also has a kickstand that’s easy enough to set up.

There aren’t many options in terms of color, but the ones that exist should be enough to cover all kinds of people. Black, white, and blue cases would be acceptable in professional environments. However, if you’re not worried about being professional, there are camo and pink versions as well.

TopEsct Kids Case for iPad 9.7

Depending on your needs and circumstances, your idea of the best iPad case will change. Well, this one is specifically meant for parents who don’t want their kids to crush their iPad. Like the previous two cases, this one provides full-coverage protection, with a silicone case and a tempered glass screen protector. The silicone, in particular, should make this case non-slip, shock-absorbent, as well as easy to clean.

The case has handles on three sides of the iPad to provide a better grip for your kids. However, the fourth side is left without a handle to enable you to use the kickstand in the back. Additionally, there are holes in the corners of the case. Between those holes and the lanyard that comes with the product, you’ll be able to hang your iPad off the passenger seat of your car easily. It’s also available in 4 fun colors: blue, pink, green, and purple.

Get the Best iPad Case for You and Your Style!

Even though the primary function of a case is to protect your device, you can also use it to personalize your iPad. Hopefully, you’ve managed to find the best iPad case for you here. Whether it’s a trifold cover, a folio case, or a kickstand one — the products on this list will take you from your home, to the office, and even on road trips.

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